Exhibitor List

Our Exhibitor List is constantly being updated please keep checking back to see what exciting companies we have exhibiting with us at The Vaper Expo . We currently have 124 exhibitors registered with us. Not all exhibitors will be listed here, all listings are uploaded by our exhibitors. If you are exhibiting with us and your company is not listed please login to your exhibitor account and fill out the 'Exhibitor List' section.





Kenji worldwide solution B216 Geekvape Techology Co.,Ltd A520
Shenzhen Fest Technology Co.,Ltd C20 Shenzhen Jingpu Technology Co., Ltd B10
Smiss Technology Co.,Ltd D720 Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Co.,Ltd B212
VOOPOO C610 Freemax A150
Shenzhen Basen Technology Co., Ltd B24 Bohr vape B30
Flavour Warehouse Ltd B205 Premier Retail Ltd t/a Premier Vaping B600
Jouz Limited C402 Cotton Gods B40
VEIIK A525 mirage cigarettes ltd B300
Deluxe Vapours Retail Ltd B230 Vape Base A430
flawless vape distro C605 Flavour-Tech UK Ltd C415
Qcig Ltd D120 Juccier by Jucce E-liquids A535
wholesalevape sodaking A235 premier e-cigs ltd A230
Vape Supplier Ltd B405 Orderly Distribution C405
Dr Vapes E-liquid Ltd A335 reality suckz/ukusa eliquids C300
Nevoks D345 Shenzhen GAISH Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd C26
Vapefly Technology Co.,LTD C11 PAX A225
Ehale BVBA C805 Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd D330
The Coffee Boss C510 The Ace Of Vapez Distro C400
Nasty Juice Europe Ltd C105 JUSTFOG D225
KEY VAPE C116 Aria Vape B410
CYLAID TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED A152 Wolfgang Enterprise C630
Vape Cargo Distribution B422 FAVOR CBD A420
Leprechaun liquids C500 The E-cig Shop B222
Shenzhen First Union Technology Co.Ltd D310 Shenzhen Aweite Technology Co., Ltd A325
Shenzhen Hellvape Technology Co., Ltd A425 Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited D220
The Yorkshire Vaper A10 The Mamasan - Barista Brew C410
lucky cash and carry limtied C408 Boss Shot Ltd A320
~Evolution Vaping LTD D130 BKS Tradeline Ltd B105
UK Vape Supply Ltd C420 IVG Premium E-Liquids B200
smokers avenue ltd C48 Shenzhen Goldreams Technology Co.,Ltd C710
exceptional vapes ltd A76 Beijing Landmark International Exhibition Co.,Ltd N/A
Newsteel Media N/A Urban Vapor T/A Thomas & Knowles Eliquid B18
Inno Vapes LLC/Blend'd E Juice C620 Vape Orders C305
Green Monkey Drinks C700 Shade E Vaping A140
Xyfil T/A My Vapery B610 Frankwhite1 A630
Axiocore Corporation A635 Vapesdirect-UK ltd D340
Every Cloud Vape Shop Lmited D320 Shenzhen Starss Technology Co., Ltd. D255
Bean & Bolt Sdn Bhd N/A Shenzhen First Union Technology Co.Ltd B510
Marina Vape UK Limited B305 That's Nice Ltd t/a Flavourart UK B227
Vaporart UK Ltd D410 Worldwide Suppliers Ltd A410
ULike B28 Coil Father C14
Guangdong ACACIA Technology Co.,Ltd C27 VLIT C718
China flavors & fragrances C30 Rincoe Technology Co.,Ltd C16
Shenzhen jiexi Internet technology co. LTD B520 Shenzhen Dovpo Technology Co,. Ltd A526
Vapo UK A125 Red Liquids B400
3V Fairs Company Limited D255 STEAMCRAVE A506
Tailored Vapors D250 International Vape Juice Ltd D730
Philly Vape Society LLC C32 V8pes distribution services ltd A120
Shenzhen Innokin Technology Co.,Ltd. D440 C24
Advanced Dynamics B322 Amaxy B26
Ryanda Prestige Vape A154 Xiamen Furui Exhibition Co., Ltd. A111
Rejuice Ltd B216 Charlies Chalk Dust A530
GMYR, LLC. A420 Kilo Europe Ltd C205
Excel Packaging Machinery Ltd B42 Pont Packaging C10
prestige cloud company B534 Ecodis Ltd (Stand Name) Private label Solutions Ltd C314
Firehouse Vape Limited A421 Blitz Enterprises Inc. C622







Machinery / Packaging


Ohmly Fools & Vapers

Outlaws E-Liquid

exceptional vapes ltd

Not just our E-Liquid ranges but our whole presence within the vaping industry. Here you will find only the finest quality liquids. Manufacturing and distribution providing over 50 flavours to the public and trade

Blnd'd Liquids

BLND'D Liquids - Fruits with a twist, Blended Your Way! Manufactured by BMF Labs, Est. 2014 Greensboro, N.C.. U.S.A.

Marina Vape UK Limited

Founded in Los Angeles in 2014, Marina Vape has established itself as one of the leading purveyors of premium e-Liquid in the world today. With dozens of separate lines and over 75 distinct flavors, many of which have won awards, we are one of the most diverse and ubiquitous worldwide vape juice manufacturers. Lines such as Donuts e-Juice, Aqua, Alternativ, Marshmallow Man and others are beloved and sought after globally. Our E-Juices are blended in max 70/30 PG VG

Flavourart UK

Flavourart UK is the UK and Ireland distributor for the well known Flavourart Brand. We supply Flavourart Concentrates to over 500 manufacturers and resellers as well as selling our concentrates direct to the public. We also supply direct to retail and resellers Flavourart's own brand of Eliquids.

Kilo Europe Ltd

Founded in 2014 kilo e-liquids, a world renowned premium e-liquids brand represents the greater freedom of expression through unique ideas and tastes while retaining its own iconic style and originality. Since 2014, Kilo E-liquids has developed their artistry, craft, and unmatched dedication to excellence. Today, the stability of the company is constructed around five fundamental values cultivated by the founders: Passion, Integrity, Sophistication, Creativity, and Patience.

CBD Hive

Nasty Juice Europe Ltd