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Our Exhibitor List is constantly being updated please keep checking back to see what exciting companies we have exhibiting with us at The Vaper Expo 'The Big Weekend'. We currently have 308 exhibitors registered with us. Not all exhibitors will be listed here, all listings are uploaded by our exhibitors. If you are exhibiting with us and your company is not listed please login to your exhibitor account and fill out the 'Exhibitor List' section.

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Showing 76 Exhibitors
Showing 76 Exhibitors

Bangsawan liquid is a malaysian manufacturer of premium e-liquids established in 2015. Start with the very first strawberry apple flavour, now Bangsawan, have more than five fruitty flavours and also lines of creamy flavours. It became a sensation in many countries and it flavours seems to be acceptable to every consumers in the world. So far, bangsawan has been selling their liquids to more than 40 countries and growing!

12 Monkeys Vapor Co. / Illusions Vapor

Canada's top selling brands are coming to show us why their e-liquids are known worldwide! 12 Monkeys Vapor Co. e-liquids are forged in the deep jungles of the Congo, where monkeys discover unique combinations of tropical fruits. They will be releasing their new highly anticipated product HARAMBAE at their booth. Illusions Vapor Co. produces and offers the highest quality, mouth-watering juices for your vaping pleasure. They will be previewing The Prophet from the Chapter 3 line at the show.

13 Sins

Taking inspiration from global street art and world cuisine, 13 Sins is a collection of flavours capturing the characters and cultures of the vaping community. Featuring high VG formulations and original flavour combinations, find out which of our Sins matches your character best at stand A360!

Attitude Vapes

Attitude Vapes is a multi award winning e-liquid company that make liquids with Attitude. The typically British designs that adorn our bottles are a high-five to the characters we feel best represent what we're all about. As our old pal Winston said 'Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference'.

Aureum Vape co

Birmingham based premium juice Brand. Creating delicious flavours for you.

BumbleBee E-Liquid

One of the UK's most established and favourite E-Liquid manufacterers.


At C21 we feel passionately about the potential health benefits of the Cannabis plant. We provide pharmaceutical grade CBD extract in various forms, and we are currently launching our C21 CBD eLiquid 300 - 10ml product (contains 300mg of CBD = 3%); our C21 CBD eLiquid 500 - 10ml product (contains 500mg of CBD = 5%); and our C21 CBD eLiquid 1000 - 10ml product (contains 1000mg of CBD = 10%).

California Grown Eliquids

Juice maker from the sunny side of Cali!

Capri-Conne Juice

Pallet Vape Distribution establised since 2014. Our top brand is Pokomon Ejuice. We created 5 different fruitty flavors under Pokomon Ejuice. Now we are creating a new brand called "Capriconne". There are 5 different fruitty line up under the name of "Capriconne".