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If your at sixes and sevens about which juice to vape look no further than Six Licks

From their launch in 2017, Six Licks has been an ever-present at the Vaper Expo UK. The team have consistently bought new perfectly blended flavours to the marketplace satisfying vapers taste buds from around the globe.

Six Licks is one of the fastest growing E-liquid brand in the UK, now being distributed across 4 continents. Praise for the brand has been high from both consumers and industry professionals, with Six Licks winning 9 awards in its first year.

To quote their website “We have created something different by doing things differently. Six Licks is clean, simple and designed for everybody. Extensive market research and exclusive flavour development means we can master tastes never achieved before in the vape industry. Because of this, Six Licks boasts a range of unique and varied flavours, ensuring a favourite for every individual”.

Providing unmatched marketing support, they promote cooperation between brands and Six Licks, getting the best from both. They offer one-to-one communication, allowing them to ensure bespoke solutions to maximise other product sales.

Six Licks promotes not just an E-liquid, but a lifestyle. They have crafted a community movement where vapers define themselves through their choice of fun, loud flavoursome liquids.



*Please beware aware this floorplan is subject to change as it is continually being updated.



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