May 2023 Award Winners!

The team at The Vaper Expo UK take great pleasure in acknowledging and highlighting the finest products that have emerged. Our objective is to showcase exceptional offerings that have captivated the market and are worth celebrating. It is our firm belief that this recognition is crucial, considering the constant influx of exhilarating flavours and ground-breaking advancements in hardware.

For those who may have missed our prestigious awards ceremony, which took place on May 14th, 2023, we encourage you to take a moment and explore the remarkable products listed below. These are the standout creations that have left a lasting impression on both our judges and the vaping community as a whole.

First up, the best dessert flavoured juice – Shytots with Key Lime Cheesecake.
This juice brings together the freshness of the lime with the biscuit undernotes. The perfect option to kick that sweet craving!

The best fruity flavour of juice has came from SKE Crystal with their Lemon & Lime from the new 10ml Nic Salt range. Lemon and lime complement each other blissfully with this blend – enjoy a refreshing sensation that provides an invigorating all-day vape.

If you prefer a menthol juice, the best menthol has came from the guys at Kingston E-liquids. Minty Menthol from the PodBar range brings a refreshing taste of mint which does not feel overpowering and can easily be your new all day flavour!

Back once again with 2 new juices added to their range – Black Rose Elixirs takes the Best Drink e-liquid with Medardus. This mix of fresh pineapple, creamy coconut with a splash of rum creates a pure sunshine experience. A Pina Colada cocktail that is hard to resist!

A new category for our May 2023 awards, Best Unusual Flavour. This is to highlight the juices that may not fall into another category of ours. Taking the trophy for this one is Pod Salt with White Gummy Bear. Pod Salt Nexus White Gummy Bear is a fresh take on the best gummy flavour out there, with sweet candied pineapple, perfectly balanced for sweetness and juiciness.

Next up is the award for Best Tobacco flavour. The guys at Vape Minds Superstore have created Imp Jar’s Cream Tobacco. This shortfill showcases soft vanilla undertones blended together with smoky tobacco flavours for a slightly sweet and earthy vape.

Coming in with 2 award wins is Vaporesso. Their first award is for the Best Pod Device with the Xros Mini 3. This device is the new pod in XROS family, an extremely simple MTL pod system which can do RDL experience. Cross the limits of MTL&RDL experience with the new 0.6Ωpod and 1000mAh high density battery providing strong flavour with the COREX heating tech.
The 2nd award Vaporesso picked up is for the Best Branding. No one can deny the time and effort put in by the team to make the brand a household name within the vaping industry.

The Best Sub Ohm Device goes to Overkill Mods with their Stabwood SC. Their hand made hybrid mods are truly unique and beautiful creations. The Stabwood also provides a superior vaping experience, as they are carefully crafted with attention to detail and functionality.

The Best Overall Disposable award goes to the guys at Easy Bar UK with their Easy 600 Puff Disposable device. This product is extremely new to the vape scene (it launched at our May 2023 expo!) Despite this the Easy Bar stole the heart of our judges with it’s sleek design and impactful flavours.

The Best Innovation comes from Suicide Mods with the Stubby! This is a collaboration with Vaping Bogan and Orca Vape to bring a true ALL IN ONE device designed for vapers of all levels of experience!Whether you use this device in Boro configuration with your favourite bridge/RBA or test the limits of the Stubby with our new proprietary RDTA – this 80 watt device is sure to tick all the boxes for your next daily device! 

The Best Stand of the Show is awarded to Kardinal. We love their sleek cures and darker choice of colour scheme. This mirrors the design of their products to ensure their brand identity can be seen from all around the show!

Last but definitely not least! The Best newcomer award goes to Bar Juice 5000. Launching in early 2022 Bar Juice have only been in the industry for approximately 1 year but have made a big impact! Their team got in the lab and developed big flavours with honest ingredients – just one bottle of vape juice is equivalent to 5 vape bars!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore these exceptional companies and their award-winning products!

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Vaper Expo UK, returning to the NEC in Birmingham from October 27th to 29th, 2023.
Make sure to join us at this event, where we eagerly await the unveiling of the next wave of pioneering companies and ground-breaking products to claim the coveted title!

Spring Flavours to Tingle Your Taste Buds

With the Easter weekend just around the corner, it’s time to update your vape juice collection with some fresh and juicy spring flavours. From fruity to refreshing, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for the season. Plus, all the e-liquids we recommend are produced by companies exhibiting at The Vaper Expo UK this May, giving you the perfect opportunity to try them out before you buy!

Desert is usually the final course but we’re ripping up the rule book and jumping straight in with Ice Cream!
Wick Addiction have produced a Strawberry & Caramel Sundae 50ml E-liquid – Envisage a tall sundae glass filled with layers of soft serve vanilla ice cream, chunks of caramel blondie and fresh British strawberries with rivulets of sweet, sticky caramel running throughout.

For disposable vape lovers, Puffmi’s Dragon Fruit Lemonade Mini 600 puff disposable is a best-seller. The sweet taste of dragonfruit is fused with zesty notes of lemonade, creating a refreshing and tropical soda flavour that’s perfect for the season.

If you’re after a fruity flavour, try Pod Salt’s NEXUS Fuji Blend 50ml Shortfill. Enliven your senses with sweet, juicy peaches from the traditional Japanese highlands.

If you’re a fan of Easter treats, you’ll love Wick Addiction’s Well Baked Cherry 50ml E-liquid. Inspired by the classic Cherry Bakewell Tart, this flavour features a raspberry compote hidden beneath a thick layer of almond frangipane, sat on sweet-crust pastry, baked to perfection and topped with a juicy cherry.

If you are a disposable vape user then why not try the SKE Crystal Bar in Fresh Menthol Mojito. Bringing you favours the classic refreshing mojito cocktail with flavours of citrusy, freshly squeezed limes combined with a cool menthol flavouring. Mojito’s in the sunshine will top off the perfect spring evening!

For those who prefer a more refreshing flavour, Exceptional Vapes have got you covered with their Chubby Juice Classics – Lemon and Lime Sorbet – 100ml. This mouth-watering blend of lemon and lime with subtle cooling notes is perfect for a sunny spring day.

Sticking with the refreshing theme, Vapoholic’s Ferocious Key Lime Pie is a perfect blend of rich pie crust and creamy lime filling, topped with light and fluffy meringue. This flavour will definitely give you the spring feels.

To finish off lets wash it all down with refreshing Lemonade by Fantasi. Indulge in the fresh, zesty lemons and just the right amount of sweetness. This is followed by a touch of sparkle and a breath of coolness to turn this vape juice into something special.

Make sure to check out all these amazing flavours and more at The Vaper Expo UK this May at the NEC, Birmingham! (12-14th May 2023). Get your tickets now at and experience the best of spring in a vape!

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If you want to learn more, be sure to check out VAPETV & VAPEMARKETING at The Vaper Expo UK, taking place at the NEC Birmingham on May 12th, 13th & 14th, 2023. If you would like to see more from VAPETV & VAPEMARKETING before the show their links are below.

VAPETV links:


The Vaper Expo x PurpleDayss

As vaping has taken the world by storm, we are all aware of the the benefits of vaping as an alternative route to help stop smoking – This can be seen in scientific studies carried out on vaping as well as recommendations from health professionals including Public Health England. 

In addition to the well known benefits to converting from smoking to vaping I have also been researching additional health benefits and ways vaping can assist other people for a myriad of different reasons, this could be with general vaping as well as the use of CBD Vape products. 

This led me to reach out and ask a few questions to Hattie Brant. She has started her own small business in order to share her experiences, fundraise and raise awareness of hidden disabilities for something she feels very passionately about and has experienced herself. 

Here is a little insight into Hattie and her use of vape products.

Q – You have created your own brand ‘PurpleDayss’ – Can you tell us more on the work / movement you are looking to create with this?
I have created Purpledayss purely to create a safe community for people with epilepsy. I also make sure to spread awareness for hidden disabilities, discrimination, and mental health. For the future my only wish is that my small business will raise more awareness and money for epilepsy, and that everyone will be wearing my merchandise and showing that they are proud of their hidden disability.

Q – What prompted you to start ‘Purple Dayss’?
I decided to start Purpledayss when I realised that telling people and showing people my journey and my experience with being diagnosed with epilepsy was helping others. It started off just posting videos on Tiktok replying back to comments and questions and I grew it a bit each day moulding it into a small business which I am so proud of.

Q – From your own experiences, Why do you think it is important for people to understand the message behind ‘Purple Dayss’?
I think it’s important for people to understand that the message behind Purpledayss is being proud of who you and what makes you different and having that self love.

Q – Are there any ways you help reduce the feelings or effects of Epilepsy?
Things that can help reduce my auras or migraines which may also help stop a seizure from happening are things like using CBD products. I like to vape it, I use orange county CBD products which I find helps me the best.
I also love anything lavender to relax me, especially using them in the shower and pillow sprays at night. I also make sure to get lots of sleep every night.

Q – How did you discover that Vaping and CBD products can be a benefit to you?
I was recommended CBD from my epilepsy nurse. When researching into it more I realised how many ways you could take CBD and how many different brands there is. I first started just vaping it before bed to help relax me and get me to sleep quicker, which it did help with, and still does.
Now however, I use my CBD vape for so much more. I use it when I get headaches or migraines, I use it to settle my anxiety when meeting new people or going on first dates. I use it to help my hangovers or if I am having some side effects from my epilepsy, and I definitely think it helps prevent a seizure for me.

Q – If a reader is in a similar position, would you recommend vaping and why?
I would definitely recommend vaping CBD it has so many benefits like improving mental health and mood, pain relief, helping with sleep and being more relaxed and comfortable. CBD has helped me in various ways.

Q – Do you find vaping to be a more convenient source of relief and relaxation when required?
I rely on my CBD more than paracetamol, it’s my source of relaxation and to help prevent anxiety attacks and seizures for me. I mostly reach for it on nights out when I get social anxiety or just before going to bed to help me sleep. I make sure to keep a vape in my bag and by my night stand so I always have one nearby just in case.

Q – If people want to find out more about your story or learn more around Epilepsy via the ‘Purple Dayss’ website / social media pages – Where can they find this?
You can learn more about me and epilepsy via my website-
I also share more about the reality of living with epilepsy and mental health via my Tiktok: @hattiebrantt where I share videos about my life and my journey.
You can also keep up to date with the trends, spreading awareness and raising money via my Instagram: @purpledayss_ or you can also join a group on Facebook which I have made for people living with epilepsy to make friends and talk about their own situations: @purpledayss

With The Vaper Expo UK being one of the longest standing vape exhibitions in the world, we aim to highlight all benefits to vaping and share information which may not be as well known.
Products like the ones mentioned above will be displayed and available for purchase at The Vaper Expo UK which returns to the NEC Birmingham on May 12th, 13th & 14th 2023.

Thank you to Hattie for sharing her experiences and how vaping has helped with her epilepsy. If you would like to know more please reach out to The Vaper Expo UK team or Hattie via Purpledayss.


Exploring beyond disposables

Disposable vape products are relatively new within the vape world yet have made major waves within the vaping industry. From the simple and convenient grab& go options to the ever growing flavours, these products are taking the world by storm.

The disposable vape is generally recognised as being invented in China in 2004 and first introduced to the UK in 2005 but did not gain great popularity until recent years.
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, when vape shops were forced to shut, this is when disposable vapes dominated the market due to being sold in convenience stores and supermarkets.

These products have helped thousands upon thousands of people to quit smoking and explore a healthier avenue in order to kick the crave.

A little bit of history around the Disposable Vapes:
Let us take you back to 1927 – Joseph Robinson came up with the first ever “electronic vaporizer’. This idea was sparked by allowing users to inhale vapours without the risk of being burned or causing accidents like fires. Robinson filed for his patent in May 1927, but this did not result in a prototype being made.

Jump forward to 1963 – Herbert A Gilbert adapted Robinson’s idea with technology which was available at the time to make a cigarette alternative. This was crucial to the invention of vapes because it’s the same technology that’s being used in our modern vapes today. This did not take off in the 1960’s due to it not being seen as “fashionable enough” to take off.

Fast forward again to 2003 – Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, decided he wanted to explore a healthier alternative to smoking after bereavement due to lung cancer was experienced in his family. This device was physically made in 2004 where Lik was able to benefit from the advances of batteries had already been established.

Back to the present day – Disposable vapes have become second nature and have made their mark on the vaping industry.

Priced at roughly £5-£8 per disposable, this can end up becoming slightly pricey. Another vaping option may require a higher initial cost, but overall can work out cheaper. So if you are looking for a more cost effective way to vape, these may be some options for you.

Pod device
A vape pod is a type of vape that has a battery and a ‘pod’ instead of a vape tank. A pod will still do the same job as a vape tank. It holds the coil and e-liquid, but they are one sealed unit, and some have none replaceable coils, while others are pre-filled with vape juice.
This will allow users to purchase 1 device with your juice of choice in order to refill or purchase 1 device and repurchase pre-filled juice capsules as and when needed.
Generally with a pod device, especially ones you are required to refill, these will hold a larger amount of juice and allow you to add your own amount of Nicotine as required.

An example from OXVA with the XLIM POD

Essentially, a vape mod is the bottom part of a vape kit – the larger part which houses the battery and other electrical components. If you buy a mod on its own, you would still be required to purchase a tank separately. However you may pick up a Mod and tank together in some cases. If you require to purchase any tank and use it on any Mod, providing it has an 510 connection. Some vapers purchase multiple tanks and switch them regularly whenever they fancy a change of flavour. Tanks with a non-replaceable coil can last between 1-4 weeks.
This then leads us into tanks with replaceable coils; These can be with replaceable stock coils or you are able to purchase handmade coils and create your perfect vaping experience. Finally that brings us onto Mech Mods and rebuildable Dripping atomizers. Mech mod is simply a shortened term for ‘mechanical mod’. It is a type of homemade vape device that supplies pure battery power to an atomiser. A mech mod vape can seem complex and confusing at first glance, but they are actually the simplest vape mods in terms of mechanical design.
An RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. An RDA requires the user to manually add juice to the coils and wicks, instead of being fed from a tank. RDAs have a juice well at the bottom of the build deck to hold e-liquid, and the wick tails are placed into the well. Mech mods with an RDA tend to be used by more advanced vapers.

An example from Vaporesso GEN SERIES I GEN 200 I 80S

With The Vaper Expo UK being one of the longest standing vape exhibitions in the world, we have seen many vaping trends come and go. We are excited to watch the progression of the disposable vape and see where this leads.
Would this disposable growth now clear a path for pod systems to re-emerge? Would vapers remain with their convenient disposables? Or will this new wave of vapers want more and head down the mod, coil and juice route?
Only time will tell – but one thing is for certain, The Vaper Expo UK will continue to bring the latest innovations to the NEC in Birmingham twice a year!